Freedom of being

Freedom of being

Growing up often feels that we will become freer as we grow older.
The definition of freedom changes depending on which stage we are in our life.

Around 30ish, I found myself experiencing a strong will to be as free as possible.
Freedom in my case means escaping.
Escaping the telephone noise, the rushing around, the waiting of things, in brief the growing selfishness in which we live.
To reach this sense of freedom, I found a path.

Have you ever wondered in known places and realised that it was beautiful, that you did not really need to go far away to find beauty and harmony.
Wandering in known places and finding beauty and peace can be treacherous. Thus, I needed a way to experience the unknown in the known.
I asked myself how do we transport ourselves, by foot, on wheels, with wings,…

My grandfather was a great adventurer, I learned from him that you become an adventurer on foot and then you can evolve to be an adventurer on wheels, with wings, with anything that can help you achieve your goals. I chose to roll. From that moment on, every time I was wandering around, rolling in total randomness or going somewhere with a precise path to take; I found beauty.

The peace came in the form of the sun shining on the rocks, the rain hitting the windows, the fog imprisoning souls, the endless road that vanishes in the horizon.
Freedom in the automotive industry is found when you let the engineers create the car in its whole. It is often not a consensus, because in consensus we lose that creative and bold part.

Freedom is bold, freedom is adventurous.