Project Description

Aurora – 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Coupé

The perfectly formed baby supercar

The 4C is nothing less than the most important Alfa Romeo for an entire generation. Mid-engined, and with a carbon fibre chassis that’s pretty damn close to the one at the heart of the McLaren 675LT, it vaults this lovely but perennially underachieving Italian brand straight into the big league. It’s sporty and interesting and different but it’s not even slightly threatening. Think of it as a Ferrari puppy.

Driving the 4C is an absolute blast, simple as that, a ballsy reversal of the power war that has gripped the industry’s big guns for years. The 4C’s chassis is as sensational as you’d hope.

In search of lightness

The 4C is a sports car obsessed with weight loss, an automotive anorexic. In a Puritanical fury, designers and engineers have removed every bit of fat with the goal of boosting performance and enhancing the feel of the primary controls. The result is a car weighing just 895kg, and you can feel that lack of mass through your fingertips and backside. However the 4C is stiff, very stiff… Don’t plan on taking the girlfriend out for a romantic week-end with that car.

Is the Porsche Cayman a better sports car? Yes. But if you really want the unfiltered sports-car experience, less weight, and hypersensitive controls, be prepared to tolerate the commotion of an unmuffled four-cylinder engine, a dual-clutch automatic, a barely adjustable seat, and a twitching steering wheel.


Everything we wanted a lightweight Italian sports car to be, right down to the traditional Alfa flaws.

Base day: 90 points
Permanent collection
Engine: 1.75L L4 Turbo
Power: 240 HP
Transmission: 6 speed TCT (dual dry clutch transmission)
Weight: 895 kgs
Seating: 2
Rear belts: No


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Photos 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 by Igor Sinitsin Photography.

Photo 6 by Baptiste Griselle.

Photos 7, 8, 9 by Philippe Hoett.