Project Description

Armogan  ⌚

Armogan, a Belgo-Luxembourg brand, was created by two friends, Amaury Deckers and Charles-Louis de Potesta, in 2014. Combining the best of two backgrounds – the precision of ‘little Switzerland’ with Belgian design – Armogan’s mission is to create stylish men’s watches, inspired by the look and feel of navigational tools of the past, at prices that are accessible to the explorers of today.

Armogan’ is an old French word once used by hardy sailors of the Mediterranean to describe good sailing conditions.

For the founders of Armogan, this word represents a promise of movement and journeys into the unknown. A respect for the forces of nature, the environment around us. And a hint of nostalgia for a bygone age.

What we like

  • Affordable, beautiful race inspired timepieces

  • Luxembourgish brand 🇱🇺

  • Young dynamic, well-read and well-travelled team

  • Easy to own the right watch to match your ride

Team | Armogan Watches

Where to buy

You will find Armogan’s complete range in their online shop.

A selection of watches are available in Luxembourg at our Clubhouse.

Members get a 20% discount on the remaining stock of Le Mans and Spirit of St. Louis watches in our Clubhouse. It is particularly interesting because the Le Mans watch is not available anymore online. First come first served.