Project Description

Baptiste Griselle: Auto Reflections

At The Car’tell we get to work with some incredible people. One of those is the young up-and-coming French photographer and filmmaker Baptiste Griselle.

Baptiste has developed a complex technique to shoot cars in complete darkness, working with bespoke light sources to draw the car’s signature lines. We have been working countless nights with Baptiste, to shoot some of the Clubcars for his exhibition “Auto Reflections” which can be seen at our Clubhouse.

A shooting can last more than 12 hours per car to get it just right. The very-high resolution shots are then developed, honed and improved over weeks and sometimes even re-shot to perfectly capture the car’s soul. They are then printed on a Fuji DPII Gloss 250 mg photographic paper and covered with a Gloss Film which protects it from the external environment and UV rays. The print is then set on an aluminium Dibond composite plate covered by a 2mm-thick, unbreakable, Acrylic Glass.

All the art pieces in the collection are numbered and limited. Some of them are unique, with only 1 picture ever to be printed.

What we like

  • Baptiste is a true petrol-head

  • his work is unique

  • his art may be worth a lot more in a few years

  • he works incredibly hard to achieve perfection

  • you can get your own car immortalized by him

Baptiste Griselle

How to buy?

The work from his exhibition “Auto Reflections” is available to purchase exclusively at our Clubhouse.

Visit us

If you are looking for something truly unique and personalized we have good news for you. Baptiste has agreed to do bespoke work for our followers. If you want to immortalize your car or offer someone a truly unique and collectible gift we can organize a bespoke shooting.

A shooting lasts between 1 and 2 nights. It is done in our Clubhouse. We will clean and detail the car before the shooting.


  • XXL print (180x120cm): 7.000€
  • XL print (150x100cm): 5.000€
  • L print (90x60cm): 3.000€

Includes professional cleaning of the car, 6-12 hours of photoshoot, post-treatment, large format print and the guarantee of uniqueness. There will ever only be 1 print of your picture and it will belong to you.

Organize your shooting

members perks

The Car'tell members get a huge discount:
  • 5.000€ for the XXL print (180x120cm)
  • 3.000€ for the XL print (150x100cm)
  • 2.000€ for the L print (90x60cm)