Project Description

Domaine de Cantaussel  🍷

Wine is a journey, not a destination. On our quest to experience the good things in life we discovered an up and coming vineyard from southern France: The charming Domaine de Cantaussel. We believe it is our duty to share this discovery with the community.

20 years after its first harvest, all their wines are now organic (BIO) and of exceptional quality. The estate is run by a family of passionate Luxemburgers since 1996 and driven by a philosophy relying on a quest for elegance and temper through respect for the environment, authenticity, expression of the terroir and smart human intervention.

Domaine de Cantaussel has a terroir of character: a stony clay-limestone and sandstone soil, arid on the surface, cool deep down, and a topography consisting of small parcels on hillsides or terraces.

Cantaussel, a « bird song » in the occitan dialect, is located in the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, in an outstanding geological scenery, the « Petit Causse », surrounded with mediterranean vegetation and scents, and flooded with the light of the South…

What we like

  • Run by a family from 🇱🇺 since 1996

  • Moved from sustainable to organic in 2011

  • Amazing quality vs price ratio

  • Andreas Larsson, best sommelier in the world 2007, tasted the Pic Saint-Martin 2015 and gave it a top score of 92/100 🍷🇫🇷

Coaster | Domaine de Cantaussel

Earlier this year, Andreas Larsson, best sommelier of the world 2007, tasted our favorite wine, the Pic St Martin 2014 by Domaine de Cantaussel and gave it a top score of 91/100.

He has done it again with the fabulous 2015 vintage of the Pic Saint Martin and gave it an even higher score of 92/100 🍷🇫🇷

Domaine de Cantaussel - Pic St Martin - Tasted 100% blind

Where to buy

Domaine de Cantaussel has a very low production of extremely high quality wine. Only 40.000 bottles are produced per year and most of it will stay in France. It is not sold in Luxembourg. More of a friends to friends sort of deal.

We enjoy being very good friends with the owners so you guys can order via The Car’tell and come pick your bottles up at the Clubhouse a couple of days later. Invoice issued directly by the vineyard.