Project Description

Photoshoot with Igor Sinitsin

Born in Latvia and now based in Luxembourg, Igor is a photographer specialized in cars, motorsports, and everything related. We first worked together in 2017 and it was high time we featured him on our list of “Things we love”.

Igor has been a petrolhead for as long as he can remember. He started being interested in photography in his teens. Both passions came together naturally and he’s been shooting cars for over 10 years now. He is constantly working on improving his skills, trying new approaches, and experimenting with new tools in order to grow as a professional and as an artist. We try to make him sweat as well from time to time…

His services include the full scope of creative production, from art direction and location scouting to photo editing and printing. Over the years he has worked with a host of clients including car dealers, brands, magazines, racing teams, private customers, and of course the best of them all, The Car’tell.

Why not take the opportunity to immortalize your pride and joy or offer a photoshoot as a present to a car-loving friend or relative?

What we like

  • likes cars that are out of the ordinary

  • very creative

  • excellent at setting the scene

  • knows how to work with lights

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Arrange your photoshoot

Igor has done a number of shootings for us in the past. We’re looking at some very high-quality work here.

As for the prices, it’s normally very custom and depends on the clients’ needs: how many photos they need, how many locations, and so on. However we can say that it is starting 200€ for a fully edited photoshoot for our members, and 250€ for non-members.

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