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In Vino Gildas wine store

If the thought of choosing a bottle of wine from a wall of supermarket plonk leaves you feeling faint, it might be worth turning your attention to professionals, providing all manner of added assistance. We happen to know some of the best in the business, Gildas & Anthony, the owners of In Vino Gildas, our favourite wine store.

Whether you’re a complete novice or a certified wine nerd the guys at In Vino Gildas will give you the right advice to make sure you purchase wines you and your guests will love. Help with food matching, gift buying or storage are part of the experience too.

Sommeliers by profession, Gildas & Anthony, love wine and they love to share their passion. Located in a former jewellery store, In Vino Gildas is specially designed and equipped for wine tasting, private and corporate ones. Calling themselves “terroir hunters” they travel to vineyards selecting small estates that highlight the identity of their terroirs and the freshness of their wines.

Gildas & Anthony are also specialised in the purchase of “Bordeaux Grands Crus en primeur” and they have just launched an innovative wine storage solution Worth checking out if you run low on space at home…

What we like

  • the owners are running the shop, hands-on

  • they talk about wine like no one else

  • superb wine tasting evenings

  • they always surprise you, even if you are a veteran wine lover

  • they always remember your tastes and expectations

Anthony and Gildas | In Vino Gildas

How to buy?

The best experience is to visit them at their lovely store. Members of The Car’tell get a free gift when shopping at In Vino Gildas.

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The Car'tell members get a free gift when purchasing 6 bottles and more.
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