Project Description

Kim – 1980 Jeep CJ5 V8

An American icon

The Jeep CJ is inexplicable — simultaneously the simplest and the most mysterious vehicle on (and off) postwar American roads. And the best-loved, too. Not just in America. Any vehicle that inspires its drivers to wave to each other when they pass qualifies as a cult icon. And this Jeep certainly is iconic.

It all started in 1944 with the military vehicle called the ”Willys Overland”. The civilian version called the CJ followed 10 years later and has continued with the same basic body style for 45 years. Widely regarded as ”America’s workhorse”, the CJs have been described as ”probably the most successful utility vehicle ever made.”

Experiencing it

The call of the wild, the great outdoors, into the great wide open, gettin’ a little mud on the tires … or just cruising in style on a sunny sunny day, enjoying the undeniable cool factor of this motoring icon.

Kim, named after world famous surfer and California beach girl Kim Mearig, is a 1980 Jeep CJ5, highly modified with increased silliness. It shows off it’s warm red body and extra-large black fender flares housing the big knobby BF Goodrich TA Radials mounted on polished aluminum wheels. A lift kit raises this 4-wheeler to a higher status. 2 shifters sprout from the center of the floor one for the transmission and the other for the transfer case and the 4-wheel drive modes. No doors are attached, so you are free and easy.

Jeep on steroids

The original engine has been swapped for a crazy big american V8. 360 cubic inch, or in metric, almost 6 liters capacity, fed by a 4 barrel Edelbrock carburettor will get you smiling. Power is transferred to a 4-speed Borg Warner T4 manual transmission. Headers and a large bore stainless exhaust protruding from the back give it a distinctively angry sound. Crank the engine and the car growls at you.

You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to venture outside and enjoy the country up close and personal. You don’t even have to be Smokey The Bear to have outdoor adventures. This Jeep is the perfect tool to enjoy life. Don’t wait too long though because it is part of our temporary collection, and could be gone soon.

Base day: 40 points
Temporary collection
Engine: 360 cui AMC V8 Rambler
Power: 250 HP
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Weight: 1200 kgs
Seating: 2
Rear belts: No rear seats
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Kim is for sale