Project Description

John Paul

John Paul is a luxury concierge service company. John Paul’s ancestors delighted generations of some of the most demanding guests on the planet. As luxury hotel concierges, they embodied their attentive relationship with each of their guests.

Now, on behalf of brands and companies that are most attentive to their client relationship, John Paul is cultivating the enduring values of the Concierge: memory, intuition, commitment, an exceptional network and unfailing discretion.

John Paul is reinventing the very core of the profession. The brand has therefore created “the Enhanced Concierge”. The best of the traditional Concierge, combined with the technological capabilities arising from the digital revolution.

What we like

  • will open doors you never knew existed

  • the best concierges around the globe with an exclusive black book

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • 1st digital concierge

John Paul

If you are a John Paul member

John Paul members enjoy discounts (marked in red below) when joining The Car'tell

Terms & Conditions:

A qualifying referral is determined by a new membership (Basic, Classic or Gran Turismo) signed by a current, verified, member at John Paul, specifically sending us an enquiry. The program is only applicable to new memberships.

How does it work?

Fill-in the form below and we will contact you once your membership at John Paul has been confirmed to set-up your joining interview at the Clubhouse.