Our frequently asked questions. Answered.

You may have some questions about how we tick. When in doubt, check out our frequently asked questions.

Is it out of reach?2018-09-12T12:22:16+02:00

No. For less than the cost of a parking spot in Luxembourg city, you can already have all-year access to our entire fleet.

Even with our most comprehensive membership the yearly membership fees are lower than the actual running costs associated with ownership for which, after purchasing the car, you still need to add insurance, parking, maintenance, cleaning, repairs, wear & tear and depreciation to the mix. And these are only the running costs we are talking about. Once you add the purchasing price you truly understand how wallet-friendly our concept is. Also you have access to not one but a whole lot of them to drive whenever the mood suits you, without a worry and without breaking the bank.

Visit us and we will be happy to show you around and walk you through the membership options.

What do I have to pay?2016-03-14T09:09:45+01:00

Upon payment of a one-off joining fee, followed by an annual membership fee, you receive a set of points to be traded for days in the cars. You simply book days in the cars by using the points that come with your membership. If you run out of points, and you don’t want to wait for the renewal of your annual membership, you can purchase additional points via fixed points packages.

Your only additional cost is the fuel you use. All other costs associated with owning and operating the cars – depreciation, insurance, maintenance, repair, storage, security and breakdown recovery – are all covered by us.

Do I need extra insurance?2018-09-12T12:12:38+02:00

No. All the cars have comprehensive insurance valid for members each time they take a car out. The cars as well as the driver and passengers are fully insured. All is included in your membership.

Where can I park?2018-11-22T19:14:41+01:00

We have parking spots are available to members in our private parking in the building whilst they are out enjoying our cars.

Public street parking is always possible in the streets around the Clubhouse. It is free of charge from 18.00 in the evening until 8.00 in the morning and on the weekends and public holidays.

You can park 24/7 at P+R Bouillon with its 2250 spots indoor and 200 spots outdoor. Parking is free of charge for 24 hours followed by 10€ per day after that.

P+R Bouillon can be found at 63 rue de Bouillon, L-1248 Luxembourg (49.59933, 6.10567).

From there the easiest is to take the bus to the next bus stop called “Heentze Park” (1 bus stop from P+R with line 17) which will drop you off in front of The Car’tell.

Bus map

Can I bring a guest to the Clubhouse?2016-11-11T12:45:13+01:00

Yes. As a member you are welcome to bring a guest (friend or client) to the Clubhouse to enjoy the lounge area for business or pleasure.

As a member you have the privilege to impress your friends and clients by bringing them to our Clubhouse to have a look at the cars, to have a drink at the bar or to play a game together.

Is my spouse allowed to drive the car I booked?2018-09-12T12:13:41+02:00

In short: Yes! Included in Classic and Gran Turismo membership are two drivers. We only ask you to keep that second driver to your spouse or legal partner. Please note the Basic membership does not include your spouse or legal partner.

Are other persons than me allowed to drive the cars?2016-12-20T12:13:13+01:00

Two drivers are included in Classic and Gran Turismo memberships. We only ask you to keep that second driver to your spouse or legal partner.

When and where can I pick up my car?2016-03-14T12:23:27+01:00

You can pick up the car you booked directly at our Clubhouse during our opening hours Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00.
The car is blocked for you during the whole time of your reservation, so it is no problem if you want to pick up the car at a later time than the one agreed on your reservation.

Can I drive abroad?2018-09-12T12:20:40+02:00

Yes you can!

For the Modern cars (categories N to Z): In addition to Luxembourg you can drive to the neighboring countries (Germany, France and Belgium). Talk to us if you plan a longer trip.

For the Classic cars (categories A to L): Classic cars are beautiful but also fragile little things. If you have a mechanical problem with them we need to get you help as soon as possible. This is why the use of our Classic Cars should remain within a radius of 150 km around our Clubhouse. With this you can easily reach great driving roads in the Ardennes, the Eifel and even the Alsace. We can help to find cosy Hotels and luxurious Chateaux for your perfect weekend away.

Classic Cars Radius

What about the fuel gauge?2016-03-14T12:26:32+01:00

The car you booked will be prepared and handed over to you with a full tank of fuel. You simply have to hand it back to us with a full tank.

How long can i book a car?2018-04-04T17:49:18+02:00

You book the car you want to drive in daily increments. This means that the minimum booking time is 1 day and you can reserve a car up to 30 days in a row.

Can I make a last minute reservation?2018-09-12T12:18:22+02:00

Yes, you can book and drive the same day!
As soon as you have made your reservation online or by calling us, it will take no more than two hours to prepare the car for you. You can then come to the Clubhouse and drive away.

How long in advance can I make a reservation?2018-09-12T12:17:05+02:00

You can make your reservation at any moment you like. The earlier you book, the better your chances are to get the car you want.

Can I extend my reservation?2016-03-14T12:33:46+01:00

Of course you can extend your reservation! You can do so by calling us.

Extend :

Call us BEFORE the end of your reservation. You have two possibilities:
a) Your car has not been reserved by another member after your booking: you can now extend your reservation provided you have the necessary points.
b) Another member has booked your car for the time after your reservation. In this case, you cannot extend your reservation.

You can reduce or cancel your reservation free of charge at any time and your points will be credited back to your account.

Can I drive the cars on a track?2018-09-12T12:16:02+02:00

No. You are not allowed to take our cars to a track or to race them in any way shape or form.

We do however organize track day events during which you get to drive specially prepared cars on the track. Check out https://www.thecartell.lu/portfolio-items/rsr-premium-trackdays/ for mor information.

No smoking!2016-03-14T12:41:01+01:00

No smoking in our cars.

Out of respect for the non-smoking members and also for the cars, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in our cars.

Am I allowed to transport my pet?2016-03-14T12:42:23+01:00

No you are not allowed to take your pet on a ride. The transport of animals is not allowed in the cars.