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The Car’tell is Luxembourg’s only Private Members Club for car lovers. Think of it as a golf club for petrolheads. We offer various levels of membership adapted to your lifestyle. Membership gives access to the Clubhouse, invitations to our private events, members-only discounts and the privilege of driving the Club’s cars.

That’s right, as a member you can drive all the cars. It’s the most cost-effective way to put your butt in the driver’s seat of some of the most extravagant and exciting cars ever manufactured.

An exclusive experience 

Driving the cars is reserved exclusively to members. As a member you take cars out for one or more days, enjoy them and return them. By eliminating the difficulties caused by parking, maintenance, depreciation, insurance you can enjoy the club’s selection of cars whenever you want to, in exchange for the points that come with your membership.

A new way of enjoying cars

Forget about the troubles and costs of ownership (depreciation, registration, insurance, maintenance, parking). The Car’tell owns the cars (and the headaches that go with it), so the only thing you need to worry about is where you’re going to go.

Drive Your Heroes.

Become a member.


It is often said that we are the sum total of our experiences. Make enough good experiences and you will lead a happy life. Being a member at The Car’tell is as much about experiencing life than it is about driving the cars and it’s all connected through road trips, happy hours, parties, wine tastings, charity events and even races in Tuk-Tuk’s far-far away…This is a place for people who love life and live it fully.

The Car'tell Trailer

Join the Club.

Each year we have a limited amount of new memberships available. Referral by an existing member is the most direct route. The other is to contact us and apply for membership. Do not hesitate to call, write or drop by.

Once we have validated your application you can select the membership plan that is right for you. Each plan provides you with access to all the cars in the collection. The points that come with your membership plan are exchanged for days in the cars. Higher levels of membership get more driving days and more perks!


Partnership with ALD Automotive.

Thanks to our partnership with ALD Automotive, the biggest car leasing company in Luxembourg, you can integrate your membership in your monthly car lease payments, via your company or private.

ALD Automotive Logo

Why not add a membership at The Car’tell instead of using all your monthly budget on just one car. Chose to spend some quality time with Epona, Ashley and the others.

Chose a membership, add it to your leasing contract with ALD Automotive and enjoy the best of both worlds. Contact us and we will set everything in motion with our partners at ALD.

Corporate solutions.

We also offer corporate solutions. Reward employees, surprise partners and clients with a tailor-made, nominative, membership at The Car’tell. Alternatively you can rent our Clubhouse for a product presentation, a conference or a party, enjoying the exclusivity of a private members club. Our cars can also be made available for photoshoots and marketing gigs. We thrive to help your company stand out.

Clubhouse lounge area

Corporate memberships

Membership is personal and comes in two forms – Clubhouse and Driver. Clubhouse membership includes full access to all of the member facilities as well as the Club’s entire calendar of events. Driving membership includes all the above as well as individual access to our fleet of cars.

Clubhouse membership is priced at 89€ per month or 950€ per year, per person.

Driving memberships are the same, plus points packages to use towards individual bookings.

  • 500 points | 1.790€
  • 1000 points | 3.390€
  • 1500 points | 4.890€
  • 2000 points | 5.890€
  • 3000 points | 7.890€
Prices are indicated ex-VAT for our corporate memberships.

How much do I get to drive?

It all depends on when you want to drive, what you want to drive, and what membership you have. Because our booking system works off a points system, each time you take out a car, points are deducted from your account, per day of use. A couple of examples:

  • One week day with Ashley, our Backdraft Shelby Cobra: 100 points
  • One week-end day with Ashley will be 200 points
  • An organized 4-hour drive in which you drive up to 4 cars: 100 points
  • 20% discount on a 2 day booking, 30% discount on a booking of 3 days or more

The base fee required to book one nominal day various for each car. It can be found by visiting the description of the car.

Apply for membership

Membership perks & discounts.

As a member at The Car’tell, not only do you get to drive cool cars and make friends for life, you also save money thanks to the discounts and partnerships that we have built with brands we like.


Apply for membership

We are accepting a limited number of membership applications.
Apply today.

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