Project Description

Factory 4

Run. Lift. Stretch. Repeat. Your usual fitness routine can get a little, well, routine. Fortunately we are friends with Luxembourg’s premier fitness and health club who is in the business of completely reinventing what it means to “go to the gym.” Factory 4 is a premium gym, and it won’t be for everyone, and that’s a good thing.

Most gyms look a little, meh… Not so Factory 4. They opened in 2014 in a loft-like setting inspired by New York’s trendy neighborhoods. It sure is the most stylish place to workout in Luxembourg. Plus it boasts one of the most comprehensive gym equipment in Europe, features a cosy wellness area, a tasty restaurant and a truly fantastic staff.

A cozy, warm place that will allow people to build relationships while taking care of themselves and their bodies. We just feel good when we are there. And we know you will too. There has never been a better time to combine your love of cars and your drive to move.

What we like

  • stylish, upscale yet easy-going and warm

  • the only Les Mills Premium Club in Luxembourg | out of 7 in all Europe

  • fantastic staff | certified personal trainers

  • martial arts area, boxing zone & yoga studio

  • steam bath, finnish sauna, bio sauna

Factory 4

Members perks

If you are member at The Car'tell

The Car’tell members enjoy following advantages when joining Factory 4
  • 1 week free access to Factory 4, no strings attached
  • rolling 15% discount on new memberships
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If you are member at Factory 4

Factory 4 members enjoy discounts (marked in red below) when joining The Car'tell

Example 1: Membership Pack Relax @ Factory 4

You have a Pack Relax membership at Factory 4.
Your annual membership fee is thus 900€.

As a Factory 4 member you decide to subscribe to a CLASSIC membership at The Car’tell. Our partnership gives you a discount of 500€ on the joining fee. Your annual membership at Factory 4 is thus effectively half-price that year.

Example 2: Membership Pack Active @ Factory 4

You have a Pack Active membership at Factory 4.
Your annual membership fee is thus 1140€.

As a Factory 4 member you decide to subscribe to a GRAN TURISMO membership at The Car’tell. Thanks to our partnership you enjoy a yearly discount of 1.000€. Your annual membership at Factory 4 is thus more or less free.

Terms & Conditions:

A qualifying referral is determined by a new membership (Basic, Classic or Gran Turismo) signed by a current, verified, member at Factory 4, specifically sending us an enquiry. The program is only applicable to new memberships.

Please note that memberships at The Car’tell are limited and acceptance is subject to approval by the founders.

How does it work?

Just fill-in the form below and we will contact you once your membership at Factory 4 has been confirmed.