Project Description

Photoshoot with Fares Hammoud

Photography is the serious art of our time. It also happens to be the most accessible and democratic way of making art that has ever been invented. And thanks to the accessibility of the medium, young artists are able to develop their talent early on and improve at every photoshoot.

At The Car’tell we love a good photoshoot and we are proud to present the young and very talented photographer Fares Hammoud. Fares has shot most of our cars and many fast machines of our members. He is at your disposal to shoot professional pictures of your beloved car (or bike…).

Why not take the opportunity to immortalize your pride and joy or offer a photoshoot as a present to a car-loving friend or relative?

What we like

  • Fares is a true petrol-head

  • he is flexible and adapts easily

  • uses the proceedings to finance his equipement

  • great eye for detail

  • able to shoot cars, bikes, people, probably also cats and dogs

Book your photoshoot with Fares Hammoud

Arrange your photoshoot

Fares has done a number of shootings for us in the past. We use many of his shots for our marketing material and recommend him for any kind of photoshoot involving cars, bikes and trucks in and around Luxembourg.

He doesn’t ask much and uses all the proceedings to help finance his equipment and improve his skills.


  • 50€ for 3 final pictures
  • 100€ for 10 final pictures
  • 200€ for 20 final pictures

Contact Fares directly by email or by phone to arrange a photoshoot. Alternatively you can also get in touch with us and we will help organize your photoshoot with Fares.

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